Osama bin Laden comes back from dead for new zombie flick

New York: A new zombie movie, featuring Osama bin Laden, shows him returning from the dead to lead fellow decomposing terrorists in a battle against the United States.

Based on the trailer of the movie, by production company Arrowstorm Entertainment, the not-exactly-torn-from-the-headlines ‘Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead’ will pit a sword-wielding NATO Special Forces unit against the undead menace.

“We’ve just had a lot of fun with it,” the New York Daily News quoted Kynan Griffin, the executive producer as telling ABC News.

“We had some great special effects makeup people that had done a lot of Hollywood work. Lots of actions, lots of zombie violence,” he said.

The trailer shows a palid, glassy eyed bin Laden growling in a cave and a shirtless G.I. dispatching a hapless zombie with a roundhouse kick.

The film’s tagline boasts “Bin Laden Will Die Again”.

The movie, shot in Utah, has a planned summer release.


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