Osama vs. Obama ‘terror chess’ game big hit among troops in Afghanistan

London: A controversial board game has become famous among Allied troops fighting in Afghanistan.

The traditional pieces in the “terror chess” game have been replaced with late terrorist Osama Bin Laden and the US President as respective kings - and the World Trade Center towers as rooks.

Several versions of terror chess exist, each modified to appeal to American or British forces, but all games feature Bin Laden as the opposing king.

In the US version of the game, the king is the American president - in some cases George Bush and in others Barack Obama - while the Statue of Liberty is the queen. And in the British version Prime Minister David Cameron is the king, and the Queen Elizabeth is the queen in the chess.

The chessboard also has maps of Afghanistan superimposed over the classic chequer board pattern.

The controversial board game has been produced by Hobby Leisure Manufacturing and is the brainchild of CEO and ex-Canadian special forces soldier, Jeffery Train, 48, from Toronto.

“Soldiers tend not keep keep many mementos from their time in the field. I made these accurately with maps so when the troops return home they can show their families,” the Daily Mail quoted Train as saying.

“They’ll be able to say to their kids, "This is the enemy we fought" and point out on the map where they lost their buddies.

“Now these sets are the hottest selling collectibles in Kandahar. Troops from countries like Germany and even Finland and Norway have asked me to make versions for their counties as well,” he added.


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