Oxford and Cambridge Univ fight over Becks

Updated: Dec 28, 2011, 15:11 PM IST

London: Oxford and Cambridge universities are reportedly at loggerheads trying to get David Beckham to be a guest speaker at their unions.

According to a source, the universities think the 36-year-old football star would be an inspiration to the students because of his unique career.

“David may not seem the most likely candidate but the unions are squabbling with each other to get him,” the Mirror quoted the source as saying.

“His career is unique and they think he would be an inspiration to students. Neither wants to back down so the other can snap him up,” the source stated.

The unions don’t pay for the rich and famous to attend, however, they are now ready to cover expenses for Beckham.

“They don’t fork out because they believe the prestige is enough. But they are happy to cover expenses,” the source added.