Ozzy Osbourne orders curry while dining with wife at Italian eatery

ANI| Last Updated: Nov 26, 2013, 20:20 PM IST

London: Ozzy Osbourne ordered curry despite eating at an Italian restaurant with his wife Sharon Osbourne and her friends from X Factor, according to reports.

he restaurant staff London`s C branch of the Cipriani politely told the rocker that the restaurant offers a more European style of cuisine, the Mirror reported.

The 64-year-old kept on insisting on having curry and the staff then went out and got him a takeaway.

A source said that Osbourne was completely unfazed by the situation, and insisted he was in the mood for a curry and his wife and Louis Walsh kept telling him he should just have a nice bowl of pasta or something, but he didn`t listen to them.

The insider said that the staff were keen to keep their high-profile guests happy, so waiters were dispatched to a nearby curry house in Mayfair.

Osbourne was delighted that the waiters rushed back and served the star curry on their C-branded plates.