Pampered Brit chihuahua has 1500 outfits!

London: A Chihuahua dog in Britain has 1500 different outfits, and according to his owner, the dog sulks if he doesn’t have a minimum of 3 costume changes a day.

Clothes for Rocky, the dog, have cost its owner, Lynsey Noble, 2500 pounds and his wardrobe includes a dinosaur suit worth 39 pounds as well as a Superman outfit, a panda and a hot dog.

“My friends and family tease me about how much I pamper Rocky but I don’t care. I call him my little fur baby and love nothing more than spoiling him rotten. He has more clothes than me,” the Mirror quoted Noble as saying.

“Strangely the best countries to buy dog clothes from are the ones where they eat them - like Japan and South Korea,” she said.

The 26-year-old beautician has a doggie pushcair for Rocky and apart from sharing her bed with him she sometimes changes his clothes 10 times a day.

Rocky - who won Mr Pageant Pooch 2011 - has tracksuits, baseball hats, sunglasses, bow ties, a guitar and a mic. He also has luxury baths with rubber ducks.

“I will never make Rocky wear anything that he doesn’t feel comfortable in. He doesn’t wear shoes as he cannot walk properly in them and it would be mean,” Noble said.