Panchang 2016: Download here as per your city

Download Panchang 2016 to fix auspicious time for new initiatives, weddings or business ventures. 

Updated: Jan 11, 2016, 16:29 PM IST
Panchang 2016: Download here as per your city
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Mumbai: Panchang is a compilation of all the important dates, auspicious and inauspicious time, days, festivals and puja mahurats as per the Hindu calendar.

A Panchang also foretells eclipses – both solar and lunar, forecasts weather and other occurrences.

By following a Panchang, one can fix an auspicious time for marriage, baby shower, launch of a new project, setting up of a new business venture, organising a puja or an Upanayan ceremony etc.

Download your Panchang here by clicking here