Parrot’s screech scares off burglars!

London: A parrot scared off a gang of burglars when it screeched loudly.

Thieves were shocked to see Kuzya, the parrot when they tried breaking-in the house in London’s Docklands.

The parrot let out a piercing screech that could be heard streets away, prompting the robbers to turn on their heels and flee.

Owner Gennadi Kurkul said that his neighbours praised the noisy green Lory parrot.

“They reached in through a window and managed to open the door and get in, The Telegraph reported Kurkul as saying.

“But they must have disturbed Kuzya. He let out a massive scream. You could hear it all over the Docklands,” he added.

The burglars just managed to steal Kurkul’s wallet that had been left close to the window.

Kurkul, a Russian interpreter, said that the parrot was a fantastic pet who follows him round the house like a dog.

“He must have heard their footsteps and just started screaming,” Kurkul said.


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