Paul McCartney rants at cyclist

London: ‘Beatles’ legend Sir Paul McCartney was photographed swearing at a cyclist after being caught in the way of the speeding vehicle.

The rock and roll icon hurled abuses at the cyclist and was forced to push way a female passerby from the path of the cycle, Contactmusic reported.

"I was crossing the road when I saw this bike courier careering towards us. I grabbed this woman next to me and threw her out the way. He wasn`t slowing down, he was just swearing at me. He was going so fast, he had no idea who I was," said the British singer.

"I started screaming, “You`re big and clever, aren`t you? Oh you`re so clever.” I was effing and blinding (swearing) and realised everyone was watching. He could have seriously hurt her and others. He was a menace," said the musician.


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