Paul`s mother, ex-girlfriend caught in legal battle

Los Angeles: Paul Walker`s mother Cheryl and ex-girlfriend Rebecca Soteros will reportedly fight a court battle to win the custody of the late actor`s 15-year-old daughter.

Meadow, Paul and Rebecca`s daughter, has been living with her grandmother since August, three months before Walker died in a car crash, reported TMZ.

Rebecca, after Walker`s death, came from Hawaii to live with Cheryl and Meadow but things turned upside down when the former reportedly filed to become Meadow`s legal guardian.

This prompted an infuriated Rebecca to take Meadow along with her and keep her miles away from Cheryl.

Paul, in his will has however, expressed the desire to make his mother as Meadow`s guardian in case he died.

Reports say Rebecca has serious drinking problems which is why Cheryl thinks she is an unfit parent.

Though Rebecca, being Meadow`s biological mother, has the legal advantage but Cheryl is determined to get her granddaughter`s custody.