Pay Rs 20 to make out for 30 minutes in public!

Zeenews Bureau

Bengaluru: Once known as the `City of gardens`, now an IT hub, Bangalore is making the most of it gardens for sure. The beautiful open lands have turned hot spots that are under the constant vigilance of cops, who are in the lookout for couples making out in public!

Bengaluru is the city’s new name and it seems with its rechristening, the city’s attitude too has changed drastically. But ironically, the city is heading towards extreme modernization even as it’s named sounds exceedingly desi.

Desperate couples have chosen gardens to make love in the darkness of the night and have also been successful in evading cops.

To evade interruption while making out, couples have claimed that they pay a meager amount of Rs 20 to cops, who let them make merry for 30 minutes.

H Girish, a software emgineer said, "We live very close by and this is the only time we get for ourselves. Usually we just pay the beat cop around Rs 20 and he lets us free for half an hour. Other times, we just finish our business and leave the place."

Talking to a tabloid, a night-beat cop said, “Couples often head to popular parks like the Lal Bagh Botanical Garden and Cubbon Park, or just chose to get it going up dark alleys. During regular night patrolling, we have realised that Residency Road (Behind TNT), Sadashiv Nagar (Opposite the club house) and Koramangala (Opposite Forum, near Monday to Sunday) are the most popular hook up spots,"

Lovebirds choose the dark lanes and have least inhibitions going atop cars to make out. Some couples are even caught in the act when the police are forced to lift blankets off them.

"Obscene acts in public are punishable under law. We file cases on grounds of the public nuisance that they create. Most of these couples are either college students or BPO employees fooling around in public places, which could prove to be dangerous for the couple. Sometimes, we escort the couples to their homes and complain to their parents," Sunil Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police said.

About 5 cases of obscenity are registered with the Bangalore police every day and as many as 100 are reported in a month.

However, J Arvind, an IT professional feels that the Police have no business in interfering. He was caught getting too intimate with his girlfriend.

He said, "We come here because we like the ambience. What we do in our personal space is our business. The cops have no right to torture us like this."

But the moral police feel it is important to maintain the sanctity at public places and couples must not make their relationship look disgraceful.

"We understand that rooms at hotels and lodges are costly, but we don`t feel happy about catching semi-naked couples exploiting public places. There is a time and place to do certain things, and roads are not that place," said Kumar.

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