Pete Doherty`s son questions him about drug use

Los Angeles: Musician Pete Doherty reveals his son questions him about his use of drugs.

The 34-year-old singer, who admits that he still uses heroin, is worried that he isn`t a positive role model for his nine-year-old son Astile, reports

"I see it as a selfish lifestyle choice. My nine-year-old son, I can`t be there for him," Doherty said.

"He`s smart. He said to me, `Have you just taken your medicine?` I didn`t know what to say. In his eyes it`s sad and wrong, you`re not the attractive person a child wants you to be," he added.

The "Back from the dead" singer candidly lamented his self-destructive lifestyle, feeling the world sees him as a criminal because of his addiction.

"It`s seen as a spiritual crime now to be a junkie. The lowest thing," he said.