Philippine president says Obama`s quit smoking

London: US President Barack Obama has finally given up smoking, Philippine President-elect Benigno Aquino has claimed.

Aquino said that Obama, who has battled cigarette addiction for years, told him in a phone call that he has now fully quit.

The incoming president of the Philippines said that Obama also offered him advice on how to kick the butt, reports a news daily.

After parliament proclaimed him the official winner of the Philippine elections, Aquino said, "At some point I attempted some humour, saying `Mr President, I understand we have the same issue with smoking.`"

"He told me, `I kicked the habit, so you are going to have to work on that one yourself. I can give you advice, though,`" Aquino added.

Obama, 48, is sensitive about his smoking habits and has become irritable when questioned about it in the past.