Pimm`s: London`s favourite Summer drink

Avril-Ann Braganza

A glass of Pimm`s, best served chilled is the way to cool down this summer, finds Avril-Ann Braganza

After a long day, visiting London`s many tourist attractions, we make our way to a local pub. It`s a warm sunny day and we grab the only empty, dark brown wooden picnic bench in a corner of the outdoor seating area of the pub. I plonk myself down, my weary legs grateful of the rest, and quickly go through the menu. I`m thirsty, but I don`t want something too strong. I look for something light and refreshing. The description of pimm`s sounds perfect! Well not quite! It`s served by the pitcher here and I doubt I`m going to finish it. Luckily for me though, we all feel like having pimm`s. So pimm`s it is!

Our drink arrives. A pitcher of tea-coloured liquid, consisting Pimm`s (a gin-based drink), lemonade and filled with ice and oranges, pears, strawberries mint leaves and apple and cucumber cubes float at the top. We pour it out in glasses. I take a sip and play around with the diced fruit, savouring the taste. It`s sweet, light and refreshing, the perfect drink on a warm, evening after a tiring day walking around sunny London.

I pop a piece of cucumber and apple into my mouth; altough soaked in pimm`s, it still retains its original flavour as I bite into it. I can taste the tangy-sweet strawberries after the initial taste of pimm`s. My mind wanders and I imagine myself sipping on this English summer drink, sprawled on the grass with a book in my hand. I can`t seem to get enough of it and decide that I`m coming back for more. “You do know we can make it home, right?” says my friend Oliver. “It`s quite simple.” Well, from that day till I left Oliver`s house, I`m sure he wished he hadn`t let out that bit of information.

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