Pippa Middleton’s life to be turned into 50-minute biopic

London: Pippa Middleton’s life is to be turned into a movie, which will chart her rise to fame sparked by her sensational appearance at Kate Middleton’s wedding.

Bosses of DVD company Odyssey Videos, which is making the biopic on the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, have said that they have had requests from fans in the US, Japan and Scandinavia, after which the decision to make a 50-minute film on her was made.

“All the other Royal Family have had well-documented lives, but now we are being inundated with requests to make a biopic about Pippa,” the Daily Star quoted Adrian Munsey, founder of Odyssey Videos as saying.

“She was such a tour de force, holding her own on Kate’s wedding day and looking after those small children.

“We are rushing a 50-minute documentary dedicated to Pippa into production straight away,” Munsey added.

Directors are now hunting for an actress with a curvy rear, who will star in the 50-minute biopic on the 28-year-old.