Pippa’s good kitchen skills make her ‘an asset to any kitchen’

London: Pippa Middleton, who has become one of the world’s most celebrated figures after her sister Kate’s royal wedding, also has an impressive culinary skills.

Pippa attended a prestigious 3,600 pounds-a-month cookery course at The Grange, in Frome, Somerset, where she excelled after creating a tempting menu of scallops, seared red snapper and caramelised banana bavarois.

Her tutors noted that the meal, meticulously produced after four weeks of dedicated lessons, was “beautifully cooked and well presented” and described Middleton as an “asset to any kitchen”.

“Judging by our notes, Pippa was as good a student as we ever see. She came to us after finishing her A-levels, probably as part of her gap year,” the Daily Mail quoted Jane Averill, proprietor of The Grange, as saying.

The notes on Pippa held by The Grange read: “She was hard-working, receptive, took every opportunity to learn as much as possible and developed into a competent cook.

“She chose a very successful menu to stretch her ability. She showed great interest, worked hard and efficiently and needed no help producing a beautifully cooked and well-presented menu, which we all enjoyed very much.

“She showed good kitchen skills, has a confident personality and got on well with everyone at The Grange. She is capable, well motivated, reliable and an asset in any kitchen,” it added.


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