Pitt immortalised as an action figure

London: Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt`s character Lieutenant Aldo Raine from `Inglorious Basterds` has been transformed into an action figure.

Hong Kong based company Hot Toys has released a Brad Pitt action figure, a 12-inch toy which comes with "detailed wrinkles" and a choice of five different hand held weapons, reported Daily Mail online.

The mini-Pitt is decked out in his World War II outfit and the accessories include a replica German sub-machine gun, a rifle, a pistol and a large and small blade hunting knife.

The action figure`s features include, "Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles, real-like hair and three pairs of palms."

But the cost may be a bit high for young customers as the action figure is priced at USD 155.

Meanwhile the real Brad Pitt is back at work again, filming his new movie `Moneyball`.

Pitt plays Billy Beane, legendary manager to baseball team the Oakland A`s, who led them to victory in the 2002 Major League Baseball American League West Division.

`Moneyball` is the Pitt`s first big starring role since the Oscar-nominated `Inglourious Basterds` in 2009.