Places where you can end up having sex!

Places where you can end up having sex!
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If you are the adventurous types, and are in great mood to have sex, then you need not necessarily rush to the bedroom! If you and your partner have the much needed privacy, then any place can turn into a love nest.

Check out the prospective places where you can head for pleasure:

Kitchen: If you are home alone, then kitchen may turn out to be an exciting place to make love! Grab a bite or two of some fresh fruits to elevate the mood.

Store room: This room which is often used to pile up unwanted stuff can act as an abode for some good sex session. Reason- the solitude.

Public rest room: This could be a bit adventurous yet risky.  While you are travelling with your partner, if you have a sexual urge, then you know you can check into a public rest room.

Changing room: If you find a unisex changing room, then you can cash in on the golden opportunity.

Movie theatre: The darkness inside the movie theatre will give you the perfect ambience to make love.

Parking lot: The parking lot can be an ideal spot to have sex. You can get turned on and make the most of the private time with your partner.

Terrace: How about having sex right under the sky and making the stars witness your love making session!

Sex is exciting and adventurous. But make sure it’s always consensual. Respect the body of the other individual and have a great time consuming one of your basic needs.

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