Playing tooth fairy fooled Heidi Klum

Los Angeles: German-American model and actor Heidi Klum has said that playing her kids`s tooth fairy may have fooled her.

"Teeth are falling out, (but) the (kids) don`t mind it because they get money. I messed it up with the very first tooth that came out. I gave 20 dollars," Klum said at an event for military moms, reportedly.

The 40-year-old said, "I had no idea. I thought 20 bucks was the right thing to do with the first tooth, but now with four kids and all of these teeth that are coming, it`s another small fortune."
Talking about balancing her career and four kids ? Lou, Johan, Henry, and Leni, the actress who has appeared on TV shows including `Sex and the City` and `How I Met Your Mother` said she has to be a good planner.

"I have to schedule and plan my life really well (so) that I have enough off days with my family. The weekends, for example, I don`t work and I`m always home at the end of the day to have dinner and bath and bedtime. I get out of the house early so I can come home early.

"Sometimes it`s the other way around, where I have night shoots and then I`m there with the kids in the morning."
Reacting to what has surprised Klum the most about being a mom, she says, "How much you can love and that you can love them all equally the same. Because you do get worried, `Am I going to love one more than the other?` But you don`t. They`re just all amazing."