Poll spotlight on corruption, says Remo Fernandes

Panaji: Corruption has taken centre stage ahead of every other issue in the five states where assembly elections are being conducted because of activist Anna Hazare, noted singer Remo Fernandes said Wednesday.

Remo, along with the members of the Election Commission, was addressing the media after the singer was appointed a "youth icon" by the poll authority to encourage youngsters to vote and enroll in the voters` registration programme in Goa.

"Corruption is the main issue for these elections, thanks only to Anna Hazare. Our main problem is corruption, but politicians every time used to use religion, caste, language to deflect these issues.

"This is the root issue across India. Corruption is everywhere. Only Anna Hazare`s campaign has brought everyone`s attention to how big the problem is and how urgently it must be solved," Remo said.