Prince Charles plans to turn ‘Buckingham Palace into museum’

London: Prince Charles has a secret desire to shift the royal court from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle and turn the former into a museum, according to reports.

The Prince wishes to implement his plan once he becomes the king.

According to reports, the prince has a deep-seated desire to put his stamp on the monarchy with a “detailed plan for a first year of change under King Charles III,” the Daily Mail reported.

Andrew Marr, the broadcaster, will be making the revelations in a new book about the Queen to be published this week, the Sunday Times reported.

According to the paper, Marr writes in The Diamond Queen, his new book, of how Prince Charles has already distanced himself from the Queen’s court in the capital.

“His succession would be followed by a dramatic clearing out of the current Buckingham Palace staff and the arrival of his own team,” Marr writes.

“One of the more dramatic ideas that has been discussed is for the Royal family to leave Buckingham

Palace entirely, leaving it as a kind of grand official government hotel and centre for events.”

“The king would base himself not in London but at Windsor Castle,” he added.


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