Prince Harry desperate to return to Afghanistan

London: Prince Harry has confessed that he wants to return to Afghanistan to serve Queen and the country.

The soldier Prince even said that he would love to be deployed back to the country where he first faced war for ten weeks during 2007-08.

"I would love to go back, I really would. As long as my military career allows it and politically it`s allowed, then I will serve my country as any other soldier,” a news daily quoted him as saying during a television interview with ABC`s Good Morning America programme.

"At the end of the day you train for war, it`s as simple as that. If we could be at peace then fantastic but if we`re at war then you want to be with your brothers in arms.

"You train for a reason and you want to be there, you want to help your buddies left and right of you," he added.

But the frustrated royal admitted that he realised the dangers to himself and also that his fellow soldiers were preventing him from fighting with British forces.

The Prince has now changed the direction of his military career to become an Army pilot so as to increase his chances of being re-deployed to the country.



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