Prince Harry, victim of a honey trap?

London: Prince Harry, pictured cavorting naked in Las Vegas, was probably a victim of a "honey trap", a media report said.

At least four women went with Harry to his hotel room, and two witnesses have claimed how they saw and overheard the girls trying to catch the eye of the prince, the Daily Express reported.

They said it may have been one of the same group of girls who later snapped him nude with a camera phone along with a young naked brunette.

Kim Garcia, 22, who is studying to be a dental hygienist, said she and a friend, 24-year-old hair salon receptionist Gloria Bryant were drinking cocktails when they saw Harry walk in.

"He was definitely buzzed. He made eye contact with a brunette in the group and immediately invited them all to join him and his ­buddies," the paper quoted Kim as saying.

"We recognised him instantly, just like the other girls who were sitting a couple of tables away and getting noisier the more they drank," she said.

"Gloria and I clearly heard one of them say, `That`s Prince Harry. Let`s see if we can get him to take us upstairs with him. May be she thought she was talking quietly but she was so drunk at least a dozen people must have heard her."

Gloria said it was "one of those bar hook-ups that happens all the time in Vegas", and it would not even have mattered if it had not involved Harry.

"We`d been hoping to catch sight of some celebrities letting their hair down but we were amazed to see Harry and what looked like a pretty big entourage of guys," Kim was quoted as saying.

"You have to think Harry is a bit of a dumb-ass for throwing all his clothes off and letting himself be photographed by a bunch of strangers. But, hey, this is Vegas and that`s what people do on vacation.

"It`s all harmless fun but you`d think someone in his position would go about things a bit more subtly and discreetly. There`s no doubt he was half wasted before he even set foot in that bar."