Prince William and Kate`s wedding memorabilia goes on sale

Four months before the couple are to tie the knot, Prince William and Kate Middleton`s wedding memorabilia has gone on sale -- but without their faces on it.

The plate, tankard and pill box are decorated with an entwined "C" and "W" plus doves, white ribbons and hearts in silver, gold and grey. The design, which also carries the Prince`s coronet and the wedding date, is the only one which has been approved by the lovebirds, `The Sun` reported.

"Collectors aren`t interested in anything with no portrait. It`s not about quality and beauty, anyone in their right mind would prefer something with Kate and Wills on.

"I`m sure they`ll shift enough of them but in a couple of years these plates and mugs will be sold on `eBay` for a fraction of the price. People will end up not caring about them because they look pretty dull," a memorabilia specialist was quoted as saying.

Buckingham Palace has allowed only a few items to carry the couple`s picture, including biscuit tins and jars -- but only sanctioned engagement snaps by Mario Testino. There is also a 2011 calendar.

St James`s Palace said Wills and Kate, both 28, would be "more than content" if they are sold -- even with their pictures.

Nuala McGourty, director of retail for the Royal Collection, said: "We are proud to continue to champion products made in England."