Prince William invites RAF friends, transsexual pilot to wedding

London: Prince William has invited his RAF helicopter friends, including a transsexual pilot, to his wedding.

William, 28, has sent invites to the entire Search and Rescue team from his base in Anglesey, North Wales, and they include Flight Lieutenant Ian Holdom, who is set for a sex swap and goes by the name of Ayla.

“The Search and Rescue unit are a tight-knit bunch and Prince William is very much a part of this. Ayla is just another member of the crew - so why shouldn’t she be there?” the Sun quoted a source at RAF Valley as saying.

“There is no way he could exclude any individuals. Everyone is touched and excited that the entire unit has been invited to the wedding,” the source said.

Last year Flt Lt Holdom told friends he had been diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” and expected to become a woman in the next 12 months. But he insisted he would stay with Wren, his wife of three years.

He revealed his sex change plan in an email to pals last year and hinted at it on a Facebook status update.

“In the not-too distant future I will delete this profile. Those who know me well will know why and I am glad to take you with me in my new life. For those who don’t, just ask!” he had written.