Prince William is really nice chap: Helen Mirren

Los Angeles: Actress Helen Mirren, who received a BAFTA Fellowship from Duke of Cambridge, says the royal was very charming and relaxed when they met backstage.

Mirren, who won an Oscar for playing prince William`s grandmother Queen Elizabeth, said William was easy going, reported People magazine.

"He was so great backstage ? so lovely. He was very easy, very relaxed. I don`t mean this rudely, but you would never think that he was a prince, which to me is the biggest compliment you can make," Mirren said.

"I just felt as though I was meeting a very nice chap. There was no prince-ness about him at all."
Mirren, who got the BAFTA award`s highest honour, said she was overwhelmed to get recognised.

"I didn`t realize just how big a thing it was to receive a fellowship. They don`t give it out every year. So now I am just completely overwhelmed," she said.