Prince William- Kate wedding to be funded by the couple’s families

Spicezee Bureau

London: The announcement of the Royal wedding of Prince William and his fiancé Kate Middleton did make Britain happy but what accompanied the good news was a matter of great concern for the commoners.

The Royal union will run into millions and the bulk of the expense will go on organizing the huge security for the occasion.

Talking to a daily, Jenny Jones, a Green Politician said, “In this age of austerity, it`s unrealistic to expect the taxpayer to pay millions for policing a wedding, however beautiful. We can keep costs down by making it a low-key event or the Royal Family can contribute. That would seem the fairest solution."

The question that kept disturbing the commoners in Britain was who would bear the cost of the royal fairytale wedding. To settle the matter, the Royals and the Middletons have decided to bear the cost of the wedding.

Prince Charles and Queen Mother Elizabeth are ready to pay their fair share of the royal wedding costs. Kate Middleton’s parents too have offered 100,000 pounds towards their daughter’s wedding with Prince William. It is a tradition for the fathers to take charge of their daughter’s wedding expenses and the Middletons are truly living the custom.

Talking to a daily, a source said, "It’s traditional for the bride’s mum and dad to dip into their pocket and they don’t see any reason why that should change just because Kate is marrying Prince William. They also recognize that there is a public mood of restraint and austerity in difficult times. It’s to their great credit that they are doing this."

Kate’s family is also determined to pay the bill the honeymoon which is expected to be on the Caribbean islands.

With the declaration made by the Middletons and the Royals for owing up the expenses of the Royal wedding, the commoners in Britain can now take a sigh of relief as they need not worry about paying extra taxes. It was earlier a custom for the commoners to bear the expenses of the royal wedding collectively.