Prince William’s marriage could be disrupted by strikes

London: A union leader in Britain has warned that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage could be disrupted by strikes, as there will be protests against Government cuts during that month.

The Royal Wedding is set to take place on April 29, and senior barons have agreed to meet early next year to co-ordinate mass action, with aims of launching strikes at the end of the same month as the wedding.

“The wedding would not be a factor in our planning, nor would it be a factor to avoid,” the Sun quoted Mark Serwotka, of the Public and Commercial Services Union, as saying.

“Actions around Easter have quite an effect because so much is happening at that time,” he stated.

The threat came as TUC general secretary Brendan Barber warned that Britain faces its worst civil unrest for more than 20 years in 2011.

He said the impact of spending cuts and rising unemployment would spark an explosion of anger leading to protests like the 1990 poll tax riots.

“This could be the year the country starts to say ‘No’ to Government in a way they have not since middle Britain made a Conservative government abolish the poll tax,” he said.

His comments were echoed by Labour leader Ed Miliband who said 2011 will be a year of “consequences” for Britons as spending cuts kick in.

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