Professor bares it all to pose as nude model in front of class

New Delhi: A university president shocked everyone when he stripped bare in front of a classroom full of students so that they would have a live model to work from.

Yang Linchuan of the Sun Yat-sen Academy of Arts and Sciences shed his clothes in front of his class when the female model he had scheduled for his class to paint didn`t show up, reports

Parents and students alike suggested that even though they were fine with nude modeling, they weren`t fine with a professor doing it.

Li Yinhe, China`s most well-known and outspoken sexologist and social commentator, wrote a post on her blog in support of Yang.

"I really admire Yang, he`s a courageous and knowledgeable artist who has truly become a model for the modern Chinese man,” she said.

Yang`s actions have evoked a variety of reactions, and also sparked a wider debate about nude modeling and the lines between nudity, art and pornography.


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