Queen, Prince Charles back Duchess of York

London: The Queen and Prince Charles have offered support to Duchess of York over the cash-for-royal-access scandal.

Sarah Ferguson – whose debts are estimated at between 1 million pounds and 4 million pounds - was caught on film accepting 27,000 pounds in cash to fix access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew, Britain`s trade envoy.

She was seen asking an undercover reporter to wire another 500,000 pounds into her personal account.

But after being exposed, Fergie said sorry for the ‘embarrassment’ caused to her ex-husband.

They both met at Royal Lodge - the home they still share in Windsor Great Park - and she wept: ‘I`m so sorry.’

And Andrew, 50, revealed that the Queen and Charles had both called to say they would support him - even if he chose to stick by her.

"It meant so much to her because she is now confident that Andrew is looking out for her and it also shows she hasn``t completely alienated the Royal Family," the Sun quoted a pal of Fergie`s as saying.

"Andrew realizes the situation can`t go on. He was furious with her but knows she is in trouble and needs help. He`s seriously considering writing a cheque to clear her debts on the promise that she never messes up again," the pal added.



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