Racy women turn man`s thoughts to racy cars

London: If your prince charming becomes entranced by a passing sports car while he is flirting with you, despair not.

The presence of a captivating woman triggers a man`s interest in luxury goods -- from designer watches to racy cars like Porsches and Ferraris, says a new research.

He seems to be subconsciously working out how he could afford them, in order to show he is financially sound and a good catch, reports the Daily Mail.

A frumpy female, on the other hand, inspires more mundane thoughts, according to the researchers from Amsterdam`s VU University.

More than 100 young men were introduced to a woman researcher and asked to memorise a list featuring household goods such as towels and mugs as well as Maseratis and mansions, says the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Sometimes the researcher was dressed in jeans and trainers, other times she had on a denim mini-skirt and a low-cut top.

In plain dress, the woman inspired thoughts of daily items among single men. But when she put forth her more glamorous self, the luxury goods took precedence.


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