Rape claim was lowest I`ve been: Reg Traviss

London: British director Reg Traviss says he did not think that he could feel any worse after fiance Amy Winehouse died until he was falsely accused of rape.

35-year-old Traviss, who was engaged to Winehouse at the time of her death in 2011, has been acquitted of raping a female friend twice while she was asleep, reported Sun Online.

"When Amy died I thought I couldn`t reach a lower ebb. I`m reluctant to say it, but when this came up I don`t think I ever have, or ever will, feel so low," he said.

Traviss believes authorities did not question his innocence throughout the legal process, and thinks the allegation was pursued because of his high-profile status.

"I don`t want to slag off the police - they have a job to do and were all decent fellas - but I do wonder about political pressures and meeting targets. On their report I was described as `the famous film director and partner of the late Amy Winehouse`.

"It does make you wonder if I was a big scalp. The problem is, the system is like a runaway train. Once the wheels are in motion, there is no stopping it," he added.

The woman who accused Traviss of attacking her following a night out on December 30, 2011 is an old friend and the filmmaker insists he now feels "blank" towards her.

"The woman who gave evidence wasn`t the woman I knew. She was aggressive and angry and completely different to the person I thought I knew. How do I feel about her now? I have no emotions towards her at all. I am blank," Traviss said.


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