Rapper who sang `Cops are Dogs` freed

IANS| Updated: Dec 22, 2013, 20:51 PM IST

Tunis: Tunisian rapper Ala Yaacoubi, known for his `Cops are Dogs` song, has been freed after being charged with singing an offensive song.

Yaacoubi was freed and charges against him were dismissed, his lawyer Ghazi Mrabet said in a Facebook post.

Yaacoubi was sentenced to 21 months in jail in August for lyrics deemed offensive to police. He had performed the song during a concert.

After months on the run, Yaacoubi appeared in court in December, where his prison term was reduced to four months, a sentence which he appealed.

Fellow rapper Ahmed Ben Ahmed was also detained after the concert and served three weeks in prison in September-October. He was released Oct 17.