Real-life ‘Juliets’ answering ‘Romeos’ letters get a reel makeover

London: New film `’Letters to Juliet` is based on folks who reply to letters written to Shakespeare’s fictional heroine by lovelorn ‘Romeos’ across the world.

The volunteers, in Italy, who respond to sack load of letters written by people seeking advice on relationship, are popularly known as ‘Juliet’s Secretaries’.

The tradition has continued for the past half a century. The scribes work in an upstairs office overlooking the Verona balcony on which Juliet supposedly stood, when Romeo wooed her.

"Almost all of the letters contain the phrase, ``Juliet, I can only tell you. Only you can help me. Even if she is a literary figure, she has become real," the Telegraph quoted Giovanna Tamassia, who has been working as ‘Juliet’s secretary’ for past 16 years, as saying.

The new film, starring Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried, has been inspired by these volunteers.

The plot revolves around a young American tourist, Seyfried, who meets the volunteers who respond to the letters.

The film will hit screens in the UK on June 9.



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