Rearrange furniture to give new look to abode

New York: Moving your furniture from one place to another is the easiest way to give your house a new look, without buying a single thing. There are some more merits.

An international website shares a few more reasons to try something new with your furniture arrangement:

* Because your furniture has been in the same place since you moved, what often happens with furniture is that we keep it where we first placed it, even if that isn`t the best place for that piece. For instance, most of us have a bookcase, shelf or table that is a magnet for clutter because it`s the first surface you encounter when you walk in.

* Your sofa is fading from being next to the window for years. That`s not a stain, but it means that the couch needs to be rearranged.

* You don`t know what`s underneath. While you might find a lot of dust, you might also find the keys you thought you lost earlier this year.

* The right arrangement can make a room feel bigger. Not everything has to be up against a wall - unless you`re really short on space. In that case, getting rid of any excess clutter or furniture can do wonders.

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