Reebok drops US rapper Rick Ross over pro-rape lyrics

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2013, 14:11 PM IST

Washington: Reebok has ended its relationship with Rick Ross after he was heavily criticised for his lyrics in hip hop artist Rocko`s song `U.O.E.N.O,` which was considered by some to be pro-rape.

The sports apparel company said in a statement, on Thursday, that Reebok held their partners to a high standard and expected them to live up to the values of their brand and unfortunately, Ross failed to do so.

In Rocko`s song, Ross sings about giving a lady the drug MDMA, known as Molly, and having his way with her.

"Put Molly all up in her champagne, she ain`t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain`t even know it," Fox News quoted him as rapping.

The track was released in January, but just recently began getting widespread notice.

The 37-year-old singer formally apologized for his lyrics on Rocko`s song ` U.O.E.N.O .` in a tweet last week.

In his apologetic tweet, Ross said that his lyrics had been misinterpreted and said that he didn`t condone rape and apologized for lyrics that were "interpreted as rape."

Ross has appeared in an ad for Reebok Classic sneakers and the company said that it did not believe that the Grammy-nominated star condones sexual assault, but the firm was unhappy with his handling of the situation.

The company said that they were very disappointed that he Ross has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse.

The company added that at this time, it is in everyone`s best interest for Reebok to end its partnership with Ross.