Review : ‘Ragini MMS’ a horror film you don’t want to miss!

Last Updated: May 13, 2011, 14:05 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

The film Ragini MMS has been inspired by the hit Hollywood film ‘Paranormal Activity’. It is based on a real story however it has been turned and twisted in the script to suit in the Indian taste.

Its story revolves around Ragini which is the lead character played by Kainaz Motivala and her boyfriend Udayan played by Raj Kumar Yadav. They are a young couple who plan a weekend getaway at a abandoned house in the outskirts of the city.

On their getaway, Udayan has a plan to make a sex tape of him and Ragini which he plans to sell off but apparently things don’t go according to his plan and there starts the problem.. Two of them face certain things which make them believe that the house is haunted by some paranormal force and the whole weekend they spend there turns into a horrifying experience.

It is a small budget movie, approximate spending on the entire production and promotion has been around a crore. The audiences have a big dose of horror coming their way this summer. After the release of ‘Haunted 3D’ last week, Balaji’s film manages to scare the viewer substantially.

Ekta Kapoor has explored the genre well by giving a strong blend of sex and horror to the story, and newbie director Pawan has handled the concept quiet well too.

The film is not based on the typical old school horror that Ramsay brothers had to offer in the past. You will not see any ghosts or spirits in white saris and hideous make up . The concept of a horror film has been handled subtlety. However those who have seen ‘Paranormal Activity’ are bound to draw comparisons between the two.

The movie is small as compared to routine Bollywood films and the story moves a little slow. Like most of the hindi films, audience would feel a bit dragged about the pace of the film post- interval but the film has a strong element of fear. The overall feel of the film is as if it has been shot with an handycam which adds another interesting element to the film.

Uday and Kainaz who have been launched as a fresh pair in the film are quiet impressive. Character of Ragini, played by Kainaz required some bold scenes and she has absolutely shed all her inhibitions to play her part well. Also, Udayan has done fair justice to his role of an abusive rustic guy. The two newcomers have a lot of potential in their acting skills for sure.

First time director Pawan has handled the project well and amazingly blend the sex and horror in the script to make it interesting for the audience.

All in all the film is a good watch for those who like horror films. In parts, it has scenes that are a spine chilling and provides for a nail biting experience for the viewer.

If you are looking for some spooky, horror experience then this movie is for you. The horror genre has been tapped well and thumbs up to the star cast for their performance. Though the movie stretches at times but one can still give it a shot.

Rating: Three cheers for this one!