Revving up style, oomph, racing IQ for Indian Grand Prix

New Delhi: Four pretty young things, with a faint clue of F1 - "The Fast and The Gorgeous 2" winners, who will be the face of the Force India team for a year - are not just busy looking good, but clueing themselves about car racing in the run-up to the Formula One Indian Grand Prix in Greater Noida next month.

Neha Raghuvanshi, Kaizeen Daruvallah, Rani Patel and Alisha Walia - the `speed divas` - will raise the glamour quotient on the racing track by cheering for the Force India F1 team at the Airtel Grand Prix of India, which is expected to draw huge crowds at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida Oct 28-30.

But never in their dreams, which are about making it big in the modelling world, did they think of being associated with an adrenaline-pumping sport like car racing.

Kaizeen, who was one among the 16 girls who were judged on their endurance, speed and appeal, says that she is a sporty girl and that the idea of F1 gives her a kick.

"I am quite adventurous and sporty. In fact, I was a lot into athletics during my school days and used to be a long distance runner.

So an association with Force India sounded very interesting. Besides, `The Fast and The Gorgeous` was about being glamourous and sexy, and when I took part, I felt it was very classy as well," the Mumbai-based girl told IANS.

Unhesitatingly, she admits she doesn`t know much about F1, but is learning.

"The F1 is quite close - next month! So I am trying to find out more about the sport through the internet," added the former air hostess, who is looking forward to "screaming my lungs out, jumping around and enjoying" to support the Indian racing team.

Alisha of Ludhiana puts it as bluntly as it gets: "Honestly, I wasn`t aware of anything about F1. But I had heard about `The Fast and The Gorgeous` and I was really excited about being a part of it."

Her brief knowledge about F1 came thanks to her participation in the NDTV Good Times` reality show.

"Once I was into the show, I got to know what car racing and F1 is all about. I am very upbeat about the event and about travelling the world over with the Force India team. It`s a great platform," said Alisha, 23.

The Force India team is owned by Vijay Mallya of UB Group and Kingfisher Airlines.

Rani said Sunday`s Singapore Grand Prix was their first big event as the `speed divas`.

But now it is going to be a racing extravaganza on home turf.

"I am excited about representing the Force India team at an event on such a scale. So far we don`t have much of an idea about what we have to do, but I am sure with our hotness, we will set the racing track on fire," said the acting aspirant.

Neha, who is the youngest of them all, says it "feels very nice" to get a chance to "cheer up" the Force India team.

International names like pop star Lady Gaga and DJs Roger Sanchez, Edward Maya and Tom Navy are already set to raise the mercury levels at the Formula One after-parties.

"I have been hearing big things about the event and that people are willing to spend a lakh (of rupees) for a table. So it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to support an Indian team at such an event. Vijay and Siddharth Mallya are big names in the industry and I`m happy to be one of the winners," said the 20-year-old, whose favourite racer is Michael Schumacher.

Neha "can`t wait to pose next to a Ferrari and other cars", and hopes for a "sporty and sexy" look on the racing track.

Amidst cheerleaders and fans from all over the world, will these Force India girls stand out? Watch this space Oct 28-30!


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