Rihanna hit with 30K-pound fine for not showing up in own court case

London: Rihanna has been slapped with a fine of 30,000 pounds, after she failed to appear in court in an ongoing lawsuit .

The ` Rude Boy` hit maker had sued her former accountants for allegedly handling her finances poorly, claiming that the firm owes her millions, the Sun reported.

However, the move backfired when she missed various court hearings, and got hit by the five-figure fine.

According to the accountants, Berdon LLP, the star`s consistent absence from the court has cost them thousands in legal fees.

The Hollywood celeb had failed to turn up at least five court dates over nine months and even failed to show up when the whole scenario was shifted to London to suit her Diamonds tour dates, in June.

Rihanna had alleged that she was sick on the day, but Berdon dismissed her claims, saying she was tweeting around that date with no mention of illness, and she performed the following night.

Berdon, who asked the judge to fine the singer and dismiss her case against them, asserted that it`s been pushed beyond the breaking point and she cannot be excused for her behaviour.