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Rihanna sued over unpaid grandma funeral cost?

Updated: Aug 09, 2013, 11:01 AM IST

Los Angeles: R&B star Rihanna is reportedly being sued by a company which handled her grandmother`s funeral arrangement, claiming that the singer has only paid a quarter of her USD 150,000 bill.

According to TMZ Online, the pop star hired the company to fly her grandmother`s body to Barbados. Her funeral later was held in a grand event. The 25-year-old singer wanted to hold a party, completed with tents, multi-media large screens, floral arrangements, and other necessities.

The company claimed that the funeral cost more than USD 150,000.

However, Rihanna reportedly only paid a quarter of the total amount and refused to complete the payment. She apparently claimed that the price was exorbitant.

Rihanna`s grandmother, Clara Braithwaite whom she called GranGranDolly, died in June 2012 because of cancer.