Rita Ora to open horticulture shops

PTI| Updated: May 20, 2014, 10:06 AM IST

London: Singer-actress Rita Ora is planning to open her own horticulture shops as she finds flower arranging relaxing. The `Fifty Shades of Grey` star, 23, was delighted about the new project, reportedly.

"I want to own flower shops, I love flowers. I love organising them and I love flower arranging - it`s so relaxing. You cut, you rip, you zip," Ora said.

The blonde beauty said she enjoys dipping into unusual ventures. "It`s things you wouldn`t expect. Like Dr Dre - he recently finished that massive headphone deal. It`s not like it`s impossible, it`s just about being smart and planning it out. Like 50 Cent with his water. It`s about having good advisers. I have great people," she said.

"My sister and family overview the whole thing. It`s a nice little empire - I`m trying to create something so my family can be alright," she added.