Robbie Williams to send daughter to private school

Los Angeles: Singer Robbie Williams plans to send his daughter Theodora Teddy Rose to a private school.

The 38-year-old singer`s wife, Ayda Field, gave birth to their first child Sep 18.

Williams said that he is impressed by the way public school pupils behave.

"I think aristo kids are well grounded, they`re smart and naughty and have original thoughts. I don`t meet many aristo kids, who aren`t well mannered," quoted Williams as saying.

He also joked that "Hogwarts is up the road", referring to the exclusive Marlborough College where Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton were educated.

Williams also revealed that Theodora`s birth had taught him "a huge lesson in selflessness".

"That`s the thing I am scared about, because I have been a pop star since I was 16. I haven`t had to wipe my arse since I was 16, and now I literally have to wipe someone else`s," he said.