Robert Redford slams 3-D technology

Los Angeles: Veteran Hollywood actor Robert Redford says he is not a fan of 3-D technology in films. The 75-year-old actor said that modern technology has gone too far in the industry, and he predicts there will be a natural fall out in years to come, reported a website.

"The fall out will occur on its own organically. It`s not up to me to predict it, but yes I do, I think technology has gone too far. In time 3-D, I`m not a particular fan of 3-D, for certain things yes but not for so many things. I think it will find its way in or out, that`s what I think will happen," he said.

While Redford is not keen on 3-D technology in modern motion pictures, he believes the audience will make the ultimate decision on whether such methods are successful or not and if they should be a part of the movie industry.

"The audiences will decide. My feeling right now is that things have probably gone too far at some great test. It will find its own way, it`s not for me to say," he added.