Rolling Stones` Brian Jones may have been killed in scuffle with minder

London: Rolling Stones founding member Brian Jones` former lover Anna Wohlin has claimed that the guitarist was killed and did not die due to drowning.

Rock legend has it that Jones, 27, drowned under the influence of drugs and booze, after going off the rails when the Stones fired him.

Conspiracy theorists insist he was murdered - and police reviewed the case as recently as 2010 but did not reopen inquiries.

But in an exclusive interview with the Mirror, Wohlin has rekindled the riddle of the death and Jones` rift with the band.

She sensationally claims the musician was killed, in a scuffle with disgruntled minder Frank Thorogood , said to have been fired by Jones that day - but the truth was covered up to protect the band`s image.

Her account is supported by Thorogood`s alleged deathbed confession 20 years ago.