Rolling Stones` Ronnie Wood admits to blurring vision

Updated: Apr 13, 2013, 14:11 PM IST

London: Rolling Stones` guitarist Ronnie Wood has claimed that he is barely able to see anything now days because of his declining vision.

The 65-year-old rock star revealed that his eyesight is so bad that he can hardly see the audience or read the signs fans hold up, the Mirror reported.

The music legend, who has battled years of drink and drug abuse, said that without his glasses he can only see the first couple of rows.

Wood added that he feels like he`s waving at imaginary people because he needs spectacles for long distance.

He also joked that the group`s singer Mick Jagger also enjoy`s the musician`s dilemma.

"The other day with the signs people hold up, I asked Mick `What does that sign say?` and I said, `I think it says you`re rubbish`," Wood said.

Another member of the band, Keith Richards raised the spectre of going deaf in an interview with BBC radio to celebrate the band`s 50 years together.