Rolling Stones sue German clothing line

London: The Rolling Stones are suing German clothing line, New Yorker Fashion, for using their iconic logo of a tongue on their sale posters.

The English rock band, worth more than half a billion pound, is taking legal action against New Yorker Fashion and demanding a 210,000 pounds settlement and a 17,000 pounds fine for using their iconic image of a mouth on a sale poster, reported Sun online.

A spokesman for the band said, "As with any band or major brand, we will be fiercely protective of our commercial properties, be that songs, gigs or logos.

"If we didn`t chase up improper use it would set a dangerous precedent."

However, the CEO of New Yorker Fashion, Fritz Knapp, is refusing to back down without a fight and is determined to prove that he has every right to use the image.

"The tongue is not the Stones` alone. The posters were made by our creative department. I won`t let the Stones ban my tongue," Knapp said.

Knapp has been forced to remove a number of posters from 800 stores and pull out more than 3,000 clothes tags with the tongue on it, but the court case still looms over him.


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