Roman Polanski’s rape victim speaks out

New York: Actor Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife Brooke Mueller have reached an agreement over the custody of their twin sons.

Geimer, now in her mid-40s, was raped when she was 13.

“What I want people to know is that they don`t understand what happened,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying in an interview with Good Morning America.

“They don`t understand how poorly the courts handled it, the misconduct that went on in the original case and how the situation has been used for the benefit of judges or district attorneys.

“These things have caused way more damage than Polanski has ever done,” Geimer said.

Asked why she does not like to say it was rape.

“Well it was, because I was 13. But he didn`t mean to hurt me, he thought it was all right and I was just scared and it was bad,” she said.

“But it wasn`t as bad as grand jury testimony, it wasn``t as bad as having my sons traumatized by paparazzi.

“You shouldn`t be damaged more by the court than by the crime,” she added.

The thing that saddened her the most, she revealed, was that her sons were exposed to the same media frenzy that she was as a child.

“My sons should never have had to know what it``s like to deal with that,” the women said.

“In the back of their mind, they know something bad happened to mom and they don``t really want to hear about it.

“That shouldn`t have happened to them. They shouldn``t have had to deal with that. So, yeah, I``m angry,” Geimer added.


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