Room colour, background music enhance wine taste

London: Do music and room colour have an effect on wine taste? Yes, very much, says a new study.

Results of the world`s largest multi-sensory wine experiment revealed that a simple change in colour and sound can affect the taste of wine by around 10 percent.

"Conducting the world`s largest multi-sensory experiment over four days meant that we were able to show that colour and sound together have a far greater effect on people`s taste perceptions than light by itself," Charles Spence, professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, was quoted as saying.

Listening to supposedly `sweet` and `sour` music in a room with red or green lighting can significantly alter the taste of a glass of wine, according to the findings.

An experiment at London`s Southbank Centre tested how drinkers enjoyed a glass of wine when lighting and music were changed.

Green light and `sour` music increased freshness and reduced intensity by 14 per cent.

Red lighting on its own brought out the fruitier notes of the wine, and green light on its own brought out the wine`s freshness.

If people can`t change the paint or light in a room, the study claimed a change in dinner place settings can have a similar effect.

People who prefer a fruity wine, and want to enhance its flavour, can try laying a red tablecloth or use red wine glasses.

For fresh wine, one should go for green table settings or green food.

"We knew an effect was likely, but the results went far beyond what we were hoping for," Spence added.

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