Royal wedding creating online buzz every ten seconds: Study

Melbourne: A new study has revealed that the royal wedding is mentioned online once every ten seconds.

Data compiled by internet marketing agency Greenlight found that there is an average of 9000 posts a day on the subject, and the last seven days have seen a flurry of internet `noise` about the impending nuptials, reports the Age.

Greenlight`s study showed online media including news sites, blogs, forums, Twitter and Facebook had seen a 700 per cent rise in the mention of the royal wedding compared to March.

It found there has been a total of 158,000 posts online relating to the royal wedding from March until now - 38 per cent (60,964) in the last seven days.

Internationally, those excited by it outweighed `haters` by six to one, the firm claimed.

Popular topics include the cake, wedding dress, gifts, guest list, hair and make-up, rings and the wedding party.

The combined topics generated 15,739 posts over the week, with posts about the dress, guest list and gifts in the top three.


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