Royal wedding made Brit people very proud: PM

London: The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton gave a chance for the nation to celebrate the whole Royal Family and made people feel "very proud to be British", Prime Minister David Cameron said today.

Cameron said the British public had shed their normal reserve and showed that "when we go for it, we really go for it".

The day had been about more than the marriage of William and Kate and had given the nation the chance to celebrate the whole Royal Family, he said.

Cameron, a guest at Friday`s ceremony, told BBC1`s Andrew Marr Show: "Sitting there in Westminster Abbey, you felt you were part of some extraordinary fairytale.

"It was absolutely beautiful, gripping, moving and, singing Jerusalem with the London Symphony Orchestra behind you, it felt like the roof was going to lift off and there was just no better place, no better country to be in at that moment.

"I think it made a lot of people feel very proud to be British, it certainly did with me."

He added: "Is it more than two young people in love?

"I think it is, I think the institution of our monarchy, the public service given by the Royal Family, the public service given particularly by Her Majesty the Queen, is something that we all want to celebrate and this gave us an opportunity.

"And while we are quite a reserved lot, actually when we go for it, we really go for it and the sun came out and it was a wonderful day," The Sun quoted Cameron as saying.

Cameron and his wife Samantha hosted a street party outside Number 10 following the wedding ceremony.


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