Russians biggest fans of the Royal Family

London: People from Russia are currently the biggest fans of the Royal Family, according to a new survey.

VisitBritain said 83 per cent of them were most likely to go to places associated with the Queen or Wills while on a trip to the UK.

Brazil came second — at 79 per cent — ahead of Malaysia and the Czech Republic.

Around 57 per cent of Americans said they were keen to visit royal sites.

The UK`s official tourist agency said the surprisingly low figure was probably because most have already done so.

"This fascinating research shows that people from some of the fastest growing economies in the world are amongst the most enthusiastic about visiting Britain, and the sites associated with the Royal Family,” the Sun quoted VisitBritain chief exec Sandie Dawe as saying.

"The announcement of a royal wedding in 2011 has already generated a huge amount of publicity worldwide. This can only enhance the promising indications we have received that tourism to Britain from the BRIC countries [Brazil, Russia, India and China] and others is about to take off,” Dawe concluded.